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Trump indictment puts US in uncharted waters. Here's what we know

Ivanka Trump breaks silence on her dad's indictment

Presidential historian Tim Naftali discusses Ivanka Trump's statement about her dad, former President Donald Trump, being indicted by a Manhattan grand jury.

Russia runs the UN Security Council this month. Ukraine says it's the worst April Fools' joke

Hear US official's warning for Americans in Russia

In light of the arrest of a US journalist in Russia, White House Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council John Kirby is urging Americans in Russia to leave immediately.

Popular abroad, at home Finnish PM Sanna Marin faces battle to keep her job

As Finland prepares to go to the polls on Sunday, the country's left-wing Prime Minister Sanna Marin is fighting for her political life.

3 people killed, 3 injured in a shooting at an Oklahoma City bar

Three people were killed and three others were injured in a shooting inside a bar in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Saturday night, according to police.

At least 22 killed and dozens hospitalized after US storms

Four people died in structural collapses in Illinois during Friday's severe weather outbreak, bringing the total number of fatalities to 21, after devastating storms and tornadoes scraped the South and Midwest Friday into early Saturday.

1 dead, at least 28 injured after roof collapses at the Apollo Theatre in Illinois

One person was killed and 28 others were injured after a full roof collapse at the Apollo Theatre in Belvidere, Illinois, on Friday evening, officials said.

Fatal mauling of 4-year-old forces India to grapple with stray dog problem

For nearly a minute, the 4-year-old boy attempts to valiantly escape the hungry pack of stray dogs as they circle around him.

Two flight attendants file lawsuit, claim they were assaulted by former Lebanese PM Saad Hariri

Two flight attendants claim they were sexually assaulted by then Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri aboard his private plane, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court in New York.

Missing 2-year-old Florida boy was found dead in alligator's mouth, authorities say

A missing Florida boy was found dead Friday after authorities say they discovered the 2-year-old's body in the mouth of an alligator in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Inside what Trump's arraignment will look like

Former President Donald Trump is expected to appear in Manhattan criminal court for his arraignment as he faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud in an indictment by a New York grand jury.

'This is not a zoo' - Why sex workers are protesting in Amsterdam

Overwhelmed by its own popularity, Amsterdam is ramping up its push to re-brand its "go wild" and "no rules" image. Drunken Brits are being told to stay home, there are moves to clamp down on cannabis, and the red lights could be about to go out on its city center brothels.

The oceans just reached their hottest temperature on record as El Niño looms. Here are 6 things to watch for

Scientists have watched in astonishment as ocean temperatures have steadily risen over the past several years -- even as the cooling La Niña phenomenon had a firm grip on the Pacific. The oceans have been record-warm for the past four years, scientists reported in January. Then in mid-March, climatologists noted that global sea surface temperature climbed to a new high.

Taliban detains three British men in Afghanistan, UK non-profit says

Three British men have been detained by the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to the non-profit Presidium Network.

Three months, three missing radioactive items. Here's what you need to know

What do a capsule in Australia, a cylinder in Thailand and a camera in the US have in common?

Bakeries are central to the French way of life. Now they're fighting for survival

Dominion defamation case against Fox News will go to trial next month, judge rules

Dominion Voting Systems' historic defamation case against Fox News will proceed to a high-stakes jury trial next month, a Delaware judge ruled Friday, declining to declare a pretrial winner.

Their faces were disfigured by the war. Now these doctors are giving them back hope

A group of American and Canadian surgeons called "Face the Future" work across the globe focusing on delicate reconstructive surgery. The foundation's work included Russia, until recently, but they quickly pivoted their efforts to Ukraine after the full-scale war began. CNN's David McKenzie has the story.

Juror in Paltrow trial: 'It took us less than 20 minutes to say Gwyneth was not at fault'

A juror who served on the civil trial relating to a 2016 ski collision involving Gwyneth Paltrow said "it took us less than 20 minutes to say Gwyneth was not at fault."

Palestinian taxi driver recounts surviving attack by right-wing protesters

A Palestinian taxi driver describes surviving a violent attack by a right-wing mob in Jerusalem earlier this week as Israel continues to see protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's judicial overhaul spread. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.

Climate activists pour black liquid into popular Italian fountain

A group called Ultima Generazione or Last Generation have poured what they described as a charcoal-based black liquid into the water of the Barcaccia fountain at the base of the Spanish Steps in central Rome.

Rescue dog-goat best friends find their forever home together

Cinnamon, the goat, and Felix, the 1-year-old bulldog mix, are an unlikely duo, but best friends, nonetheless. 

A snowboarder got buried upside down in snow. See skier's quick reaction.

Skier Francis Zuber sprang into action when he noticed a snowboarder had become trapped upside down in a tree well. Zuber, whose reaction has been applauded as a textbook example of what to do in such a situation, urged others to take up rescue courses.

Italian government seeks to penalize the use of English words

Italians who use English and other foreign words in official communications could face fines of up to €100,000 ($108,705) under new legislation introduced by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy party.

CNN reached out to fentanyl chemical manufacturers in China. See what they said

CNN's David Culver traces the path of fentanyl from Chinese chemical factories to Mexico, where cartels back the production of the deadly drug.

North Carolina man wins $2 million lottery after winning $1 million years before

They say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, but a winning lottery ticket just might.

Trevor Reed describes what it's like to be wrongfully detained in Russia

Trevor Reed, an American citizen freed in 2022 after two years of imprisonment in Russia, said he'd like to see the Biden administration take "definite action" in freeing Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich, who was recently detained by Russian authorities. CNN This Morning anchor Kaitlan Collins spoke to Reed about his experience in Russian detention and what treatment Gershkovich may face.

It's been claimed pizza and carbonara are American. Here's how that went down in Italy

You can criticize their fashion, make fun of their politics, and even complain about the garbage, but questioning Italian cuisine is strictly off the table.

UConn defeats Miami to advance to the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship tournament title game

Fourth seed UConn advanced to the NCAA men's basketball championship game following a 72-59 win over No. 5 Miami in the Final Four on Saturday.

Lewis Hamilton delighted with 'dream' qualifying for Australian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton qualified third for Sunday's Australian Grand Prix and the seven-time world champion described the result as a "dream" for him and his Mercedes team.

'I'd have this as my last meal on Earth': Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria can't get enough of this salty dish.

Manchester City thrashes Liverpool to keep in touch with Arsenal at top of English Premier League

The English Premier League title race is reaching its crucial stage or, as former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson used to describe it, "squeaky bum time" -- and Manchester City's 4-1 thrashing of Liverpool has ensured Pep Guardiola's men are still in the running.

Scientists have decoded the smell of Cleopatra's perfume

As a child in the 1980s, I visited the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, England, to learn about the Scandinavian seafarers. The museum stank — and the stench was deliberate.

See 'Star Wars' legend react to Acosta's Darth Vader impression

Actor Mark Hamill joins CNN's Jim Acosta to discuss his thoughts about a potential spinoff series based around his legendary "Star Wars" character Luke Skywalker.

Gwyneth Paltrow's trial and the return of 'Succession' are serving up rich content

If you don't think money can bring happiness, you may not be using it correctly.

Laughter is therapy for the mind and body

Amusement and pleasant surprises — and the laughter they can trigger — add texture to the fabric of daily life.

Sands United: The soccer club that's tackling grief

Sands United is a soccer club much like many others. They play on Sundays and they go through the motions of the sport -- the ups and the downs that fans of all teams are familiar with -- every weekend. They lace up their boots and seek out victories, then usually retire for a drink or two afterwards.

5-year-old makes over $3,000 purchase on her mom's Amazon account

Five-year-old Lila Varisco was playing on her mom's phone during a car ride and spent over $3,000 on her mom's Amazon account. The order included 10 motorcycles and 10 pairs of cowgirl boots. CNN affiliate WJAR has more.

'The world's best airport' facing rare delays amid tech issues

Singapore's Changi is often hailed as the world's best airport and is considered "a destination in itself," but that reputation is at risk as the city-state's border control authority warned of delays and long queues due to a technical issue with its immigration systems on Friday, March 31.

AFL star Jamarra Ugle-Hagan recreates iconic anti-racism gesture after enduring racist taunts in prior match

Australian Football League (AFL) star Jamarra Ugle-Hagan celebrated a goal by taking a stand against racism in his first game since a fan hurled racist remarks at him during a match on March 25.

Drawbridge climber goes viral after daring ascent

A mysterious climber scales a Miami drawbridge giving viewers sweaty palms. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

Trump faces more than 30 counts related to business fraud. Here are the details.

Former President Donald Trump's indictment by a New York grand jury has thrust the nation into uncharted political, legal and historical waters, and raised a slew of questions about how the criminal case will unfold.

Stormy Daniels says she fears for her safety

'A man of his word': Meet the judge presiding over Trump's criminal arraignment

When Donald Trump enters a New York courtroom on Tuesday, he'll face a seasoned judge who is no stranger to the former president's orbit.

Potential GOP presidential hopeful Sununu: Trump shouldn't be 2024 nominee, but indictment bolsters his base

'SNL' cold open tackles Trump's indictment

The cold open of "Saturday Night Live" featured comedian James Austin Johnson considering possible jail time as an indicted former President Donald Trump.

Russia runs the UN Security Council this month. Ukraine says it's the worst April Fools' joke

• Russia's chief general is "pushing the limits" of Putin's tolerance of failure in Ukraine, UK says • Ukrainian kickboxing champion dies from wounds sustained on the battlefield, mayor says

Gwyneth Paltrow's parting words in ski collision trial goes viral

Gwyneth Paltrow paused to speak to the man who had sued her after winning her ski crash trial, igniting a stream of memes in her honor.